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Tayfield with St Fort Woodland Garden and Willowhill


TAYFIELD DD6 8RA: A wide variety of shrubs and fine trees, many to mark celebrations of the family who have lived here for over 200 years. Some trees are of great age and Tayfield has the tallest beech tree recorded in Scotland at 39 metres. A picturesque approach to Tayfield House is enhanced by wonderful large tree rhododendrons in May and views across the Tay all year round. The grounds are wildlife rich and contain two large ponds. Look out for red squirrels which are often seen.
ST FORT DD6 8RE: Inspired by a visit to Ruskin’s house and woodland garden at Brantwood. Azaleas and specimen rhododendrons are the principal plants as the acid soil within the wood makes them ideal, along with ability to withstand roe deer browsing. The rhododendrons include a wide selection of both specimen and hybrids. Azaleas are mainly Azalea pontica chosen for scent and autumn colour. Around 30 acres, Northwood is home to red squirrels, and offers spectacular views northwards over the River Tay. Also of interest are eucryphia, cercidiphyllum, tulip tree, various red acers, rowans, liquidambar, metasequoia and magnolias. Spectacular late autumn foliage!
WILLOWHILL DD6 8RA: An evolving three acre garden featured in "Scotland for Gardeners" and "Scotland on Sunday". The house is surrounded by a series of mixed borders designed with different vibrant colour combinations for effect all season and a vegetable plot. Newly developed area containing borders of bulbs, roses and perennials. A stepped terrace of alpines leads to a wildlife pond in grassland planted with trees, bulbs and herbaceous perennials through which wide sweeping paths are mown.


St Fort: 1¾ miles south of the Tay Road Bridge off the A92, between the Forgan and Five Roads roundabouts. Willowhill and Tayfield: 1½ miles south of Tay Road Bridge, take the B995 to Newport off the Forgan roundabout.

Garden Openings

Sunday 14 May 1:00pm - 5:00pm




Forgan Arts Centre receives 40%, the net remaining to SG Beneficiaries

Features & Catering

  • Disabled Access
  • Home-made teas available.
  • Plant stall

Other Details

Champion Trees: Beech (at Tayfield). St Fort is approached with a woodland walk of about 400 metres from the car park and garden entrance. Large Plant Sale at Willowhill
St Fort and Willowhill are also open as stand-alone gardens, please look under their single entries for details.


Mr and Mrs William Berry, Mr & Mrs Andrew Mylius and Eric Wright and Sally Lorimore


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