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Portrack House


Portrack House


Original 18th century manor house with Victorian addition; octagonal folly library. Twisted undulating landforms and terraces designed by Charles Jencks as "The Garden of Cosmic Speculation"; lakes designed by Maggie Keswick; rhododendrons, large new greenhouse in a geometric kitchen garden of the Six Senses; Glengower Hill plantation and view; woodland walks with Nonsense Building (architect: James Stirling); Universe cascade and rail garden of the Scottish Worthies; interesting sculpture including that of DNA and newly completed Comet Bridge.

*** THE OPENING DATE FOR 2016 WILL BE SUNDAY 1 MAY *** Please see our News page for further details.


Holywood one and a half miles off A76, five miles north of Dumfries.

Garden Openings

Sunday 3 May 12:00pm - 5:00pm




Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres receives 40%, the net remaining to SG Beneficiaries

Features & Catering

  • Disabled Access
  • Teas available.

Other Details

Payment at the gate only, there are no pre-sale tickets available. Parking is provided in fields next to the garden. You will be directed to a space by the attendants. Buses can be accommodated. There is often a 20-minute queue for parking but it does move eventually!
You may bring a dog to the garden. It must be kept on a lead at all times and any dog mess must be cleaned up by the owner. We do not have a telephone number or email address for Mr Jencks. If you wish to contact him please write to him at the address shown.


Charles Jencks



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