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Palm House at Royal Botanic Garden


The Glasshouses at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh


The Glasshouses with 10 climatic zones are a delight all year round. The Orchids and Cycads House brings together primitive cycads which dominated the land flora some 65 million years ago, and a diverse range of orchids, the most sophisticated plants in the world. In summer, giant water lilies, Victoria amazonica, are the star attraction in the Tropical Aquatic House. Plants with vibrant flowers and fascinating foliage thrive in the Rainforest Riches House and the complex ecosystems of life in the world’s deserts are explored in the Arid Lands House. A large collection of gingers, (Zingiberaceae), one of the largest collections of vireya rhododendrons in the world and a case housing carnivorous plants are among other attractions.


Located off the A902, one mile north of city centre. Entrances at Inverleith Row and Arboretum Place. Lothian Buses 8, 23 and 27 stop close to the East Gate entrance on Inverleith Row. The Majestic Tour Bus stops at Arboretum Place.

Garden Openings

Sunday 11 June 10:00am - 5:00pm for the Glasshouses


To glasshouses £5.50, concessions £4.50, children under 16 free


Donation to SG Beneficiaries

Features & Catering

  • Disabled Access

Other Details

Admission price includes donation to Garden. For prices without donation check


Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
20A Inverleith Row, Edinburgh

Call 0131 248 2909



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