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The Colinton gardens, Edinburgh threw open their garden gates on the 2nd July. These three gardens raised a fantastic sum, £2902, thanks to about 400 visitors!

We caught up with Michael and Caroline Pearson, garden owners and Area organisers, to find out why they open their garden for charity.

What made you decide to open with the Scotland’s Gardens Scheme?

“We enjoy our garden and like to share it with others.   It makes us think about the garden and plan changes.   It makes us keep the garden looking good.   It is enjoyable to meet friends and other gardeners on the day – quite a social event.  We are Edinburgh District area organisers and felt if we had opened our garden we could give better advice to others who were thinking of doing the same.”

Why did you choose to support UK Mercy Ships and The Guide Dog Association (UK)?

“Actually, the charities were chosen by the other garden owners.   Lindsay MacLure had seen a programme about UK Mercy Ships and what they do and had been most impressed.   Also, as a small charity the donation from the garden opening would mean a lot to them.   The Guide Dogs was slightly inspired by a neighbour who trains puppies.”

That’s so lovely, although I’m not sure the guide dog puppies would have been helpful charity volunteers on the open day! What do you know about Scotland’s Gardens Scheme beneficiaries and what do they mean to you?

“We have always had an interest in the Queens Nursing Institute, as we live opposite a house that was a holiday home for them.   We’re very happy to support Maggie’s Centres and the National Trust, they do such great work.”

How lovely to live opposite the old Queen’s Nurses holiday house! It must have been a wonderful space for some rest and relaxation. Thank you Michael and Caroline for your time.

  • UK Mercy Ships provide the world’s largest charitable floating hospital. They bring free medical care to some of the world’s poorest people.
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (UK) aim to provide people who are blind or partially sighted with the same freedom of movement as everyone else, by way of their world-famous guide dogs.

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