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We are always interested to hear from people who would like to volunteer for Scotland’s Gardens. Our local teams are often looking for additional members to help run their district successfully and the garden owners welcome extra help on their open day or days.

If you would like to volunteer and find out what this would involve please contact us.


"Working with Scotland's Gardens is a very enjoyable way to raise money for charity. There is a social aspect to it as well, one makes good friends along the way.  I have been involved with Scotland's Gardens for a few years now and would urge anyone who loves gardens to get involved".

Susan Miller, Dunbartonshire


"Since becoming a Volunteer/District Organiser for the Stirlingshire Branch of Scotland's Gardens over five years ago I have found it an immensely interesting and enjoyable experience.  One never knows when the next beautiful garden, of which many are unaware, will be found and participate in our programme.  The owner will show you round and probably present you with a lovely plant when you leave.  Scotland's Gardens is a charity filled with wonderful people from all walks of life and raises money for some of the best national and local charities".

Iain Morrison, Stirlingshire


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